Types of websites you must know about


Thursday, 2020/10/22

The internet is vast and there is a plethora of websites you can create for one or many purposes, as and when you require. But it is important to know that within numerous categories of websites, which one is the best for you. We’ve made your job easier by describing six most important types of websites you must know about and choose from.

  1. eCommerce Website: An eCommerce website is a website that allows people toeasily buy and shop products from. It is widely used by both, big and small brands and all of us have indulged in the guilty pleasure of online shopping at least once in our lives. Any website that consists a shopping cart, product portfolio, a way for you to make an online transaction or have a payment gateway, comes under the category of eCommerce Website.
  2. Business Website: A business website is any website that is dedicated to tell the viewers about the business that the website represents. It is branded like a part of the business (the same logo and positioning), just taken online and tell the viewers about the types of products and/or services the company provides. It is a crucial need for all big and small businesses today as every customer is searching the internet to find the relevant products according to his/her requirement and they automatically cut you off from their options if you do not have a website.
  3. Entertainment/Informative Website: Many companies aim at entertaining their viewers or even providing them with relevant information through the content present on their website. News Websites and also OTT platforms come under this category.
  4. Portfolio Website: A lot of professionals today want to have their CV/Resume on the internet in the form of a website. They design their websites according to their professions and just pass on their website link to any potential collaborator or employer, when asked for their portfolio.
  5. Brochure Website: A brochure website is a one that is widely used for business promotion and is very cost effective. It is designed using eye-catching images of a brand’s product and captivating content that easily drags the attention of the reader.
  6. Educational Website: This type of website is useful for an institution that aims at sharing informative content in the form of topic (text), videos which further acts as a tool to improve learning and classroom teaching.

The above are the six main types of websites generally used and have proven beneficial to professionals in their fields in more ways than one. To get more information on which type of website will best suit your brand/business or even you as an individual, you can contact us at info@tfmms.com or call on 7046586666.

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