Did you know your brand needs different types of designing solutions?


Saturday, 2020/03/14

While we understand the importance of design for various brands in today’s marketing arena, a very important aspect that most of us fail to understand is that a brand needs to excel in multiple types of design solutions.

Different kinds of designs that any brand should master in are listed below :
Visual Identity Design: This includes the primary design requirements a brand needs to establish its identity. Design solutions such as brand logo, visiting cards and envelopes come under the basic visual identity design category.

Marketing and Advertising Design: Taking the brand’s design strategy one step forward, Marketing and Advertising Design includes the more creative and attractive design solutions including postcards & flyers, magazine and newspaper ads, posters, banners & billboards, Info graphics, brochures and additional merchandise.

User Interface Design: This category consists of design solutions with utmost user engagements, hence goes by the name “USER INTERFACE DESIGN”. This includes creation of Web Applications and Android Mobile Applications that allows the user to interact with your brand. Design strategy here should be user friendly and easy to use.

Motion Graphic Design: A very popular form of design that is going viral in every chat window today. GIFs are the new “pop culture” communication tool amongst people and the more creative your GIF is, the cooler you âre considered in the group. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format.

Publication Design: Brands that disseminate useful information, news, and data to their clients or potential clients need to master their Publication Designs. Design solutions under this category include Newsletters, Magazines and Catalogues.
Above are different types of design solutions categorized in different groups that we often don’t realize exist and are extremely important for brand establishment and identification. Has your brand mastered in the various design solutions listed above?

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