Brand promotion through secondary elements of corporate identity


Thursday, 2020/05/14

Taking the process of identity establishment one step forward, we bring to you innovative ideas to create a positive and an attractive image of your brand in the eyes of your customers. The basic idea is to incorporate the secondary elements of corporate identity with your standardized brand designs. Secondary elements of corporate identity include a lot of things such as banners, pouches, t-shirts, bags, stickers etc. Having customized designs for all of these secondary elements has a number of benefits as listed below:

  • Sense of belonging: Imagine your brand is hosting an event and all the team members are dressed in a standard outfit that includes customized t-shirts with your brand logo and design. This creates a sense of belonging among all the employees and generates a feeling of team spirit.
  • Easily identifiable: Having secondary elements customized with designs of your brand and having your brand logo on them makes them easily identifiable by the customers/audience. With just one glimpse of the element, your brand name directly pops up in the minds of the people looking at it.
  • Gain more popularity: Having customized bags, stickers etc. that are up for sale will increase the popularity of your brand. The bag purchased by an x person who lives far away from your city is indirectly promoting your brand in their city by carrying that bag with your brand name on it. Similarly with other elements too. It is like a souvenir for the person carrying it and a promotional tool for your brand

Once your brand has a logo and a standard design that it owns solely, the next step in the process of establishing a strong identity in the market is to get the secondary elements of corporate identity designed. At Trans, we help you decide the size, shape, color, material, etc. suitable for any of the secondary elements that you wish to launch and we also create the most appropriate design that will suit the desired element.

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