Get a logo that wins you customers!

Thursday, 2020/03/19

A logo is the backbone of any brand’s identity establishment. If you freeze for a moment and look around you, you can easily spot about 10 logos of different brands you use. Are these logos attractive enough to grab your attention and help you recall the brand name in a blink of an eye? There are a lot of brands which do not contain their brand name in the logo, they just have a symbol but the logo is so popular that the viewer could easily guess the name of the brand.

A few key benefits of attractive logo designing are listed below:

Strong first impression: A logo has the power to make or break your brand’s first impression. Crafting a meaningful yet an attractive logo is a challenge brands need to conquer.

Point of identification: Logo becomes the one point of identification of the brand. It is the face of the brand that relates the customers to the brand and its products.

Professionalism: Well-thought and attractive logos make for a professional brand. Logos printed on all the marketing tools such as banners, standees, kiosks, brochures etc. take the standards of the brand a notch higher.

Audience’s Expectations: A lot of times it is the brand’s target audience that expects a cool, trendy and meaningful logo to associate with. It is beneficial to have a logo that people would want to associate with.

A customer survey conducted proves that 48% of consumers become loyal to a brand when they purchase a product for the very first time. A first time purchase is driven by the force of first impression created by the brand. Hence, this is where the logo comes into play and either wins or loses the customer!

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