Pandemic & the Importance of Social Media Marketing

affect of pandemic on social media

Thursday, 2021/06/10

It’s more than a year now and we all have been facing the crisis of the Pandemic (COVID-19). Be it on personal or professional level we all have been struggling to adapt to the “new normal” of staying closed within the four walls. Getting restricted within those four walls has affected the majority of businesses worldwide. When the shutters are down, office doors are locked the only way people keep themselves engaged was through social media.

One of the major norms of the “new normal” i.e. social distancing has allowed the business and corporate sector to continue with their businesses through various social media platforms. The immediate idea of conducting business online with the help of social media has allowed businesses.

Agree or not but the sudden outbreak of the pandemic has risen the importance of social media marketing and has made it the most reliable platform for businesses.

Let us have a look on how important social media marketing in this crucial time and the benefits it has been adding to businesses.

Now, Why is social media marketing important during the COVID-19 pandemic?

social media amid pandemic

1. Demand for increasing online content: Being confined within the four walls, people have been spending their maximum time online scrolling through various social media platforms looking for new content every day. The increasing numbers of the active users on social media have led to the increasing demand of online content as well. Businesses can seek this as a good opportunity to pass on relevant information to their target audience.

online content

2. Approachable Influencers: The influencers out there on social media with a large number of followers hold expertise and resources for creating online content, they would be easily able to recognize your target audience and help you boost your business. Taking the advantage of the affected economy worldwide, you can negotiate with the influencers and crack a good deal for your business.

Influencer Marketing

3. Less Effort: Compared to offline marketing, social media marketing requires less effort. A business can drive traffic through social media marketing just by creating quality & relevant content. The times are extremely tough and adding a little humor to the content won’t harm your online presence (make sure you do not add humor to an extremely sensitive situation/incident just to be on a safer side).

less effort

Let’s talk about the benefits of social media marketing during the Pandemic:

1. Awareness & Brand Image: With the increasing number of active users on social media, brands can have the advantage and target their desired audience online with creative & innovative campaigns. This will definitely help the brands in creating awareness and building brand image on various social media

2. Customer Retention: The pandemic has affected the businesses to an extent where only the business providing the essentials services or selling essential products are allowed to function. In such a scenario, businesses can take the help of social media in order to retain their customers. Having an online presence will not only help a brand to connect with its loyal customers, but it will also help them gain new customers.

3. Goodwill Building: Both the time and situations have been stressful & around us. In such uncertain times, brands can offer their support not only to their customers but to society as well. This will help a brand build strong goodwill by running innovative campaigns on social media which will also add up to their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

4. Online Business: The pandemic has resulted in lockdown many a time where not only the corporate offices but the retail shops were forced to shut down their business. The only way to outcome this situation is to start selling online. Online business offers ease not only to the business owner but also to the customers who can easily order their favorite products just by being in their comfort zone (and the safest place on planet Earth i.e. home), no need to step out of the house and face the consequences of the pandemic.


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