Instagram and Facebook Business Strategy


Monday, 2020/09/14

Instagram and Facebook are no longer known to be platforms for social connections only. They have escalated to become one of the most important business exchange platforms where people network in order to expand their business.

No one would have thought that they could probably land up a good job scrolling through the Facebook feed. On just a single click you form numerous connections and start expanding your business/profession. Social media has now enabled employers to hire an employee of their preference and build their workforce.

Facebook groups have become more popular than ever before. It has provided us with a platform to create communities based on demographics, professions, business needs etc. It has also provided us with endless opportunities to do better in our business prospects and widen the horizon of our business scope.

Instagram has also recently introduced a new feature called ‘Reels’ exclusively for 15 second videos. This was a very opportunistic move especially after the ban of Tik Tok in India. A lot of content creators and brands are also using this feature to engage effectively with their audience through short videos and exceptional content.

Instagram and Facebook both have a plethora of opportunities waiting for every business, you need to wisely utilize them and learn to grow at every single step. It can take your business graph to new heights if used properly.

Note: With increasing freedom of social media network, one should always be aware of the scams and cyber-crimes that take place through these platforms. Be wise and know how well to use the resources you have at your disposal.

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