Why Social Media Marketing is important?


Thursday, 2020/12/29

We live in a digital era where social media have become an integral part of our lives. SOCIAL MEDIA; a small part of digital media which was introduced back in 1997 with the purpose of connecting people socially through online networks have now opened the doors for business opportunities. Every minute you spend on social media you encounter with creative online war amongst the brands.  Why are brands hyperactive on social media? What are the reasons behind social media playing such an important role in the process of business development? Let us know the reasons in detail.

  1. Brands awareness: The first and foremost step in developing your brands existence (be it offline or online marketing) is to start with creating brand awareness. Before you expect the costumer to buy your product/s or avail any of your service/s, you need to make them aware about your brand. Social media offers a huge open platform where brands can go creative in terms of attracting a larger audience. It is only when you do something out of the box; you can draw your customer’s attention! Thus, social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram helps a brand exhibit their creative marketing strategy online which makes the audience aware about the existence of the brand and its products/services. 
  2. Brand story: The best way to interact with your targeted audience is to connect with them on personal level! Social media offers a great opportunity to brands by allowing them to narrate their brand stories in the most creative ways possible.  Whether it’s your brand’s success story or the failure, narrate it in a way that your target audience can relate with it on personal ground and also it provides them a wider exposure to your brand. This will indeed add more value to your brand! If you are brand that is looking for a professional & corporate reach, LinkedIn is the best platform to narrate your story and connect with your audience. To match hand in hand with the trend & come up with creative quirky ideas, Facebook & Instagram offers you a wider platform to reach your targeted audience
  3. Promoting products & services: And now when you have successfully dragged your audience’s attention towards your brand, it’s time to show them what is there in your bag i.e. what all you have to offer them.Without even visiting your store/office physically, the customer can know about your products/services through social media. Social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram offers feature wherein a brand can setup professional stores with proper description of the product & pricing. For service sector like hotel industry, Facebook offers a feature wherein a menu can be created by uploading delectable images of food and with the “order food” feature the customer can even place an order for the food they like.Even the paid advertisement on Facebook & Instagram provides with various advertising format options like carousal where a brand can select multiple product images for a single ad display
  4. Larger audience with minimum budget: Agree or not but promoting/advertising your brand on social media is less expensive than that of any other advertising mode. With the minimum budget, it helps you target a larger audience as per your requirement. Apart from paid advertisement, there are organic ways wherein without zero investment social media can help you reach a large audience. This can be done by creating and posting interesting content which is SEO friendly and by using trending keywords & hashtags.  Perhaps, social media platforms provides with various marketing and advertising tools that uses the combination of both paid & organic advertising that helps you reach a larger target audience with the minimum budget.
  5. Learn about your customers: The most crucial part before selling a product is to know about your customer’s behavior. Thanks to social media for offering several analytical tools & insights that helps a brand in understanding their customer’s behavior in a deeper sense! Social media platforms comes along with the feature of reports & insights that helps you in analyzing the buying pattern of your customer in terms of their likes, dislikes, demographicsinterests, etc. By using the right social media marketing strategy i.e. by creating relatable content, it becomes easier for a brand to learn about their customers and engage with them on broader terms. 
  6. Build custom audience: There is a lot more than just analyzing the buying pattern of your audience and that is building a larger audience and retaining them for lifetime! Once you are well-versed with the choices of your customer, you can build custom audiences for individual product/services.Building a custom audience further reduces the chances of spamming the unwanted audience and increases the probability of retaining the most likely target audience. To create a need first and then to sell your product/service has been the best marketing strategy ever. Various social media platforms can help a brand analyze their custom audience by using several business analytical tools. These tools provides with the statistical data that helps a brand in understanding the activities & interest of their audience.  By building custom audience and serving them with the content they would like to read adds a value of customer satisfaction to a brand
  7. Rule the market: What is the next step after you have built your custom audience? What importance does this adds to your brand? Well, everyone is aware about the fact that “Customer is the King” of the market, and it is the job of a brand to keep their customers satisfied all the time.  It becomes easier for a brand with a bang on social media marketing strategy with the help of creative ideas & content to rule the world of social media! The marketing strategies that a brand designs for their audience leads to an increased level of engagement i.e. it always tells your customer that you as a brand still exist in the market and creates an unique impression on top of their minds.  The more creative you are it opens the door for a brand to rule the online market and be their customer’s first preference! 
  8. Developing healthy relationship with your audience:  There is no doubt that end goal of any brand is to generate sales but that should not be the only goal. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers plays an important role in developing a brand image. In the physical world, a brand gets only one chance to treat their customers with all the hospitality in order to offer them the best customer experience. But on social media a brand can constantly be in touch with their customer, communicate with them on regular basis, solve their queries, and make them feel like you like always available for them. Communication with your customer and their satisfaction is a key to successful business! When you greet your customer with personalized messages/greetings it makes them feel privileged and develop a positive image of your brand. Indeed, social media offers you an online platform wherein a brand can overcome the loop holes of the physical trading and develop a healthy relationship with their audience.
  9. Increased ROI: In one of the above points we have discussed about the advertising your brand on social media with minimum budget. Here with the minimum budget we do not only mean by the money a brand invests in paid advertisement, but also the money a brand invests in setting up the physical store/office for their business. With the help of social media a brand can sell their product/service from any corner of the world to their desired customer even without setting up a physical store/office. This in turn leads to an increased return on investment wherein the amount spent for branding is less than the amount generated through sales on social media Along with the increased return on investment a brand also gets an opportunity of building a larger customer base belonging to different corner of the countries! 
  10. Know about your competitors: The last but not the least added importance of social media marketing is a brand gets to know about their competitors. “Survival of the fittest;” which clearly means that the one who is able to adapt with the changing environment can survive in this world! And to survive in the world of social media, one needs to adapt their strategies as per the online market trends.  Going with trend surely helps your brand in surviving, but knowing what your competitors are up to also makes a huge impact on your online marketing strategySocial media being an open online platform for marketing helps you keep a watch on your competitors and their online activities.  Not only the marketing strategies but the way your competitors interact with their audiences also helps you in knowing about the customer service. This means, by going through the comments on a competitor’s posts, a brand can analyze the queries raised by their potential customer & solve their problems by offering better customer service You here reading this blog on our website just because you saw the link on our social media handles, now this is the importance of having presence on social media; it helps you in grabbing the attention of your potential customer/audience and making them aware about your brand/business. If you have read the entire blog, that means we have been successful in delivering the favorable content to our potential customer!  

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