Advertising also relies on creative and mindful design!


Monday, 2020/04/06

Advertising has become an important medium to reach mass audience at the same time as it creates awareness about the brand, its messaging and also the products/services it has to offer. The most crucial aspect that advertising focuses on is emotional appeal. Human beings are emotional beings and hence sentiments hit them hard. Advertising also relies on visual representations, be it graphics used in multiple tools of communication or videos, audios, gifs etc.

In order to visually appeal your viewer designing plays an important role in advertising and marketing. What differentiates this form of designing from the others is that a lot of thought and research goes into the creation. Customer behavior is the most researched data here. Colors, Fonts, Content and Images that go into the making of an advertising design revolves around what the customers want. As customer is king in the field of marketing today, an advertising design must also make greatest appeal to the feelings and emotions of the customer. This will increase the likelihood of the customer taking an action in favour of your brand by either buying your product or opting for your service.

Various types of designing solutions that come under Advertising and Marketing design are as follows.

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