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Tuesday, 2020/04/28

A brand logo is the brand identity. We all know it represents the brand name and the service/ product that the brand offers. However, there are various different types of logos for each type of brand. If you’re confused amongst the type that will suit your brand, do not worry! You’ve arrived at the correct place. Listed below are a few different types of logos suited for different types of brands.

  • Lettermark: Also known as the Monogram logo, this type of logo is generally preferred by brands with long names. A brand that has a two-three word long name would choose to go for a lettermark logo using the initials of each brand. For example – HBO stands for Home Box Office but is popularly known as HBO and the logo comprises of the initials of each word.


  • Wordmark: This is another typography based logo that consists the name of the brand in a creative and an innovative font style and colors. The best example of this type would be the logo of Google. Brands with strong and impactful names go for this type of logo.


  • Pictorial marks: Also known as logo symbols, are graphic based logos for well-established brands who don’t need their name in the logo. The best example for this type would be the logo of the brand Apple, and Twitter. Looking at the logo immediately reminds you of the brand name.


  • Abstract logo marks: This type of logo allows more space for creativity. It comprises of a geometrical symbol that represents your brand. For example – the logo of Pepsi and Adidas.


  • Mascot logos: This type of logo consists of an illustrated character that has a hidden significance in the brand establishment. This form of logo is usually used to attract kids. For example – the logo of KFC with the colonel’s caricature in it.


  • Combination mark: This type of logo is a combination of either wordmark or lettermark logo with either pictorial, abstract or mascot logo. This form of logo represents the brand name or initials along with a pictorial representation to create an impact on the customer. For example – the logo of Burger King.


  • Emblem: This type of logo comprises of font inside a symbol. It is commonly used by educational institutes and government organizations. It is also used for making badges, seals, etc. An example of this type would be the logo of Starbucks Coffee.


So the next time you decide to rebrand your organization or get a new logo for your brand, keep the above types and their usages in mind. This will help the designer get clarity about the final output. An even better option would be to get your logo designed by experts at Trans and we will help you choose the best and the most preferred logo for your brand.

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