A Graphic Designer’s Plea


Thursday, 2020/04/16

It often happens that we tend to underestimate the efforts put in by a graphic designer in creating mindful and attractive designs for your brand. We always expect the designer to magically create a design that we have in our minds. The execution of an idea is the most difficult part and no one can understand that more than the designer.

A designer first sits and understands the ideology behind the brand and the products/services it has got to offer its customers. He/she then conceptualizes the idea that they have in their minds. In today’s age it is very important for any design to be witty and creative enough to grab the attention of the audience and stick in their heads for a long time.

After speaking to professionals in the industry it is observed that designers are disheartened when their clients do not appreciate the efforts they put in, instead they ask them to cut costs and start bargaining. Designing isn’t as easy as it looks like. It is one of the most difficult skills to acquire.

Another struggle that designers face is the vague briefs that they get from the clients. A few clients do not have clarity of what they want and the pressure is entirely shifted to the designer’s shoulders. However, even after multiple revisions the clients don’t seem to be satisfied with the end result. Sometimes this situation occurs because the clients do not have clarity in their own minds.

There are certain design principles that exist in the school of design and some people do not understand those when the designer makes a creative based on those principles. They face unnecessary criticism over this. Many freelancers are also underpaid for the job they do. Their clients often undercut their value and ask them to reduce the prices without realizing the efforts that have gone in creating a design.

So the next time you hire a designer, make sure you have clarity in your brief, you appreciate the efforts he/she puts in, do not reduce their value and let them do their job.

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